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In a rapidly expanding global market, it’s clear that Europe is a major centre of Edtech excellence and innovation. Leading European Edtech businesses such as Babbel, Brainly, GoStudent, Kahoot! and OpenClassrooms continue to grow and expand at an unprecedented rate. And according to Brighteye Ventures, there has been a 10x growth in European EdTech VC investment since 2014, totalling $711million across 237 deals.

If you’re interested in or work in this vibrant market, European Edtech News is a must-read. It’s the only publication specifically focused on European Edtech and is designed to help subscribers quickly understand what’s happening across different national markets. Covering school, university, corporate and consumer learning sectors, we’ll be tracking the businesses, people, technologies and tools shaping the future of Edtech.

European Edtech News is published by the European Edtech Alliance

The European Edtech Alliance (EEA) is a consortium of national trade associations and clusters from across Europe. Its members work with education technology (EdTech) businesses to support their domestic and international growth and to foster the innovations they’ve developed. The EEA meets monthly to share best practice, compare research insights, discuss common challenges and to highlight areas of opportunity within our national markets and beyond.

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